Step up to the Starting Line: Launching Your Marriage Miracle!

$1725+ value

Your 7 Week Marriage Miracle Launch! 

"From Misery to Outrageously Happy!"

Imagine having the type of relationship that you had when you were dating.

Imagine living each and every day with peace and FEELINGS of love between the 2 of you.

Imagine a marriage that truly is your safe place.

Your happy place.

That is where we want to take you. We will be with you every step of the way.

If Joel and Kathy can do it, so can you. Join us. We will show you the way!

Your Seven Week Marriage Miracle Launch includes:

  • A PDF or Physical copy (your choice) of both books: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Livin' it and Lovin' it!  (240 pages and 372 pages).   ($25 - $40 value)   Or, if you prefer to listen to us read the books to you, you can request instead the Audio CD's of both books in physical CD sets or download links. ($90 value)   You will want to read both books as quickly as possible in the seven weeks... preferably in the first week or two. Let's get you launched! 
  • 12-hour DVD set. ($95 value) Your choice of the six physical DVD disc set or two username and password log-ins for online access. The online course is nicely broken into small segments of about 15 minutes each. You will want to watch all 12 hours in your seven weeks. If at all possible, you are encouraged to have your own, private mini-seminar by watching all 12 hours as soon as possible, perhaps using 2, 3 or 4 days to get them watched quickly.  The more that you learn as quickly as possible makes your group and private marriage coaching time that much more effective. 
  • Seven weeks access to group marriage coaching:  ($515 value) 8 weekly hours of couples marriage coaching calls (solo women are included in the couples calls)  and 6 hours of men's coaching calls.  We normally recommend 1 or 2 calls each week.   On the other hand, if you want as much immersion as possible then feel free to call into every single call! That is up to 14 hours each week of group marriage coaching calls x 7 weeks for a total of 98 hours of group coaching.  
  • Three hours of private help on the phone or in person with Joel and Kathy.  ($900 value) This private coaching will be available and used at any time during your seven weeks - emergency calls or non-emergency. Unlike traditional marriage counseling, you will not need to set an appointment. You will call and text us. If we are available, we will answer your call and speak to you immediately. If we do not answer, you will send us a text letting us know if it is urgent. Either way, we will call you back asap. If is is urgent, then you will move to the front of our plate.  We make you our priority during your 7 week launch as most couples do occasionally need immediate, emergency help and coaching when they get started.  Unused time will stay available beyond your 7 weeks until fully utilized.  
  • Bonus: Wives are able to text Kathy and Husbands are able to text Joel, within reason. (Quick texts)  Value? Priceless!  This time will not count against your 3 private hours. This texting is for quick updates or quick direction that cannot wait until the group call but don't rise to the level of needing private phone time. 

This Marriage Miracle Launch is not a replacement for attending a 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive if you have had a bad marriage for many years or have serious ongoing issues. This is a great way for you to get started and have some immediate relief and tastes of success quickly. Couples with serious marriage troubles will want to progress on to taking advantage of our One Year Marriage Rocket Launch* and/or a 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive ASAP.  

If you do not consider your marriage issues to be serious, then this Seven Week Miracle Launch might be all that you need!  You will be able to move forward with new happiness and joy in your marriage.

After your seven weeks is complete, If desired, you will be able to access the 14 hours per week of ongoing group marriage coaching calls for a small monthly fee. ($295 per month for  60 hours of group coaching. That is less than $5 per hour if you use all of the calls.)  You will be in control. You will decide.

If your marriage is one that needs more intensive care, you are encouraged to make your reservation ASAP to attend,  one of our Ministry Crown Jewel 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensives, live and in person with Joel and Kathy, in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida.

This 7-Week Marriage Miracle Launch package is a great preparation for your 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive!

The goal is an outrageously happy marriage!  As we say on the back the cover of Livin' it and Lovin' it!...   "You can have an outrageously happy marriage. Follow us. We will show you the way!"   Why? Because...  If Joel and Kathy can do it, so can you!


Fine Print: 

*If you have previously purchased any of the materials from us, and do not want a second of that product, we will give you an equivelant credit toward future product from our website.  

*Yes - if you start this seven week launch and want to upgrade later to a full One Year Rocket Launch, we will credit your full $995 toward that investment. In other words, you can look at this as a "deposit" toward a full one year Rocket Launch with the right to "taste and see" that the beginning steps of your miracle are good!

With that full credit of your $995, it is understood that whatever portion of your 3 hours of private time you have utilized, and weeks of group calls and the materials already received will be deducted from your one year launch package. Keeps everything level.

*These packages are not refundable. It is up to you to fully utilize everything that we offer. If you do, you will be helped in many ways and will have our full attention on the beginning of a miracle launch in your marriage! If in doubt, see our book of over 500 testimonies of lives changed from other couples just like you who have benefitted from this same help - now available to you! 

This Marriage Miracle Launch package is designed to get you started; "Taste and see that it is good!" If you find value from this 7 Week Launch, then you be able to consider further help. The ministry Crown Jewel is our Five Day Weekend Marriage Intensive (live and in-person) with Joel and Kathy. The 5-Day Intensive is held in Joel and Kathy's home in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida. We also offer our premium One Year Marriage Rocket Launch program mentioned above. The One Year Rocket Launch includes 17 more private hours, 26 more hours of Online or DVD learning, a full year of the 7 weekly group coaching calls and a half price discount to your 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive.


$995.00 USD