>>Marriage Rocket Launch

Your Seven Month Rocket Launch - Take the Journey "From Misery to Outrageously Happy!"

 ($8375+ value)

Your Marriage Rocket Launch is a 7 month ROCKET LAUNCH that combines everything you will need to go from Misery to Outrageously Happy - with a Marriage Miracle that LASTS! (All of this can be accessed ala carte during the 7 months for $8375. Your all-inclusive offer represents a savings of $4380 - more than a 50% discount off of retail!)

What you'll get:

  • Paperback and audio of both books - these are the books that have transformed marriages all over the world!(Total of 635 paperback pages, 11 Audio CD's or Online Audio/Download Access.)  $130 Value

  • 12 hours and 26 hours of teaching on DVD/Video for immediate immersion. (Physical DVD's or online access.)  $885 Value

  • Access to 12 hours per week of group phone mentoring for the entire 7 months. (This is 8+ hours per week for couples and 4+ hours per week for husbands. 360 hours in 7 months) $2065 Value

  • 15 hours of private "on the spot as needed" emergency (or non-emergency) time with Joel and Kathy. This is on the phone or in-person, spread out over the 7 months. The available 12 hours per week of group phone mentoring is your "go to" for the entire 7 months - but sometimes you need emergency, personal help. You will have our personal emergency phone numbers. (Direct to Joel and Kathy) $4500 Value

  • Bonus: Wives are able to text Kathy and Husbands are able to text Joel, within reason. (Quick texts)  Value? Priceless!  This time will not count against your 15 private hours. This texting is for quick updates or quick direction that cannot wait until the group call but don't rise to the level of needing private phone time. Value? PRICELESS! 
  • $795 discount to any future 5-day Weekend Marriage Intensive*  $795 Value
  • All of this purchased seperately would be $8525+ 

  • Yes, you are able to access everything offered "ala carte" but why do that when you can have it all for one low all-inclusive price of $3995 (Alacarte does not include unlimited texting!)


  • As always, you will have complete access to our recordings on Youtube including all new Youtube/facebook lives and uploads. 

  • In other words, COMPLETE IMMERSION on all sides. THAT is how to go from Misery to Outrageously Happy!

Either way that you decide to proceed, our goal is the same - to get YOU to an OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY MARRIAGE! 

Would you prefer All Inclusive? (highly recommended) or ala carte? It is up to you. However you decide to proceed, we will be here to guide you all the way: From Misery to an Outrageously Happy Marriage!


$3,995.00 USD