Joel & Kathy Davisson

Marriage Miracle Specialists - Helping Troubled Couples go from Misery to Outrageously Happy for almost 20 years.

My husband was abusive, committed adultery…and he was THE PASTOR!

That was our first 10 years. Now our marriage is our Happy Place! – and we have been “Livin’ it and Lovin’ it!” for 29 years! (If you are counting, 39 years married, since 1984.) Believe it or not, you can do it too!

For over 19 years now, we have been “Livin’ it and Lovin’ it!” while helping (mainly) Christian couples, ministers, counselors, and business/political leaders see their marriages transform from misery to Outrageously Happy. Now it is YOUR TURN! Let us “pull you out of the fire” and show you the way!

Are you and/or your spouse on fire for Jesus?

Is it frustrating as believers, that your marriage “should” be the “happiest of the happiest” but you are experiencing the opposite?

Are you tired of trying and things keep getting worse?  

You tried “Love and Respect?”
Left empty with “His needs, Her needs?”
Been betrayed by “wife submit and follow your husband’s leadership?”
Things got worse when you discovered “Created to be His Helpmeet?”

Have you been to counselors, seminars, retreats, three times been to a "Weekend to Remember?" (Some call them "Weekend to Forget!")

Nothing has worked?  

We understand. We were there.

Even though other things have left you disappointed and disillusioned, it is time to re-think what is possible in YOUR marriage! 

Just like you, we were on-fire Christians, loved Jesus, while experiencing misery in our marriage!  

Yes, we had good times. How could we not? We loved Jesus. We had 5 years of marriage with just the two of us. Then we had our first two children and a baby. We wanted to be happy. We wanted to live in the joy of the Lord. We tried. We had “good hearts.”   But oh, were the bad times bad!  

None of the “pat” or traditional answers worked. (They didn’t work for you either!)  

"Answers" such as:
“Kathy’s expectations are too high.”  
“Only God can meet Kathy’s needs.”
“Joel needs to be the Godly leader.”
“Kathy needs to submit and follow Joel’s leadership.”  

These ideas kept us locked in our prison of despair and misery.

We would have been that couple on social media who always showed the happy times!
 (That was us on Sunday mornings! – Facebook was not yet around.)

No one would have known about the fighting, yelling, screaming, anger, resentment, adultery, stonewalling, tears, desperate (seemingly unanswered) prayers and everything else.

Through a miracle of God, our marriage was transformed!  

Just like can happen for you, our misery was replaced with Outrageously Happy.

We found ourselves “Livin’ it and Lovin’ it” after learning completely different, fresh, new (to us) biblically correct paradigms of marriage.

We were given a prophetic word in 1992. “I have brought you out of the fire, to take you back in, to bring others out.” That was definitely a FUTURE prophecy! (Isaiah prophesied: “Unto you THIS DAY, a child is born..” It was 2000 years later that prophecy was fulfilled!)

The first half of that prophetic word began to be fulfilled for us 2 years later. (Thank God it was not 2000 years!)  

In 1994, God took us “out of the fire.” We lived our wonderfully happy, miracle marriage for 10 years and God spoke again: “Write a book, tell your story and what I taught you about marriage.”  

The book took off like a rocket. We immediately found ourselves being repeatedly launched “back into the fire to bring others out!”

Marriage transformations ensued!  Over and over, hundreds of times, God has enabled us to help couples just like you with the worst of the worst marriage issues; (excluding severe physical abuse.) God gave couples miracles, delivering them from the pain and experience of adultery, mental, emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse, narcissism, pornography, divorced, separated... you name it.

That is where we find you. In the fire. No matter what your issues, you have found the answer.

We have now walked into your crisis. Grab our hand… let us pull you out of that fire!

You can have an Outrageously Happy Marriage!  Follow us – we will show you the way!

Love in Christ,

Joel and Kathy
“We show up when no one else does.”

PS In case you are wondering, we gave birth to four children plus 2 in heaven from miscarriages. Our youngest, 13-year-old Shekinah Glory entered Heaven in 2008. Shekinah’s entire life was enjoying 13 years of our “Outrageously Happy Marriage.”  

Our other three children grew up in that HAPPY MARRIAGE environment for pretty much their entire lives. (Chris and Jenifer were 6 years and 5 years of age respectively when God pulled us out of the fire. Josiah was a baby. The rest of their lives have been in a wonderful world of happy, happy parents!)

That first book which God instructed us to write is titled “The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” It has caused miracles in marriages all over the world.

Over the next 2 years, God had us in "learning overdrive" as we interfaced with so many couples, seeing  many miracles in so many marriages. Those years culminated in “Volume 2: Livin’ it and Lovin’ it!”

PhD and Licensed Counselors utilize both volumes in their practices. They state that the books “fill in the missing blanks” of their marriage counseling, and are so helpful because they are real life; not just book learning. Many churches and Pastors over the years have also ordered the books in case lots to help their congregations.  

People sometimes ask, “Do you have a PhD?” or “Are you licensed counselors?”

Our answer is a fun answer. “No. PhD and Licensed counselors utilize our books in their practice.”  

What would we rather have? A PhD from reading other people’s books on marriage? Or would we rather author books that those with a PhD utilize and learn from?

We have been conducting Marriage Seminars in Churches since 2005 and our ministry crown jewel “5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensives” since 2007.

We look forward to getting to know you! We will be thrilled to guide your   transformation experience "From Misery to an Outrageously Happy Marriage!"

Here are the reasons you can depend on Joel and Kathy Davisson to help you transform into an outrageously happily married "power couple":

  • REPUTABLE – We have been helping couples since 2004, respected leaders in our field and community. Licensed, Phd Counselors and Pastors lean on us for help with their most vexing couple situations. Our extensive experience with Narcissistic thinking, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse gives them the confidence to refer their most troubled couples our way.
  • EXPERIENCED – We have a testimony book that contains 500 testimonies of couples who have been impacted by the crisis intervention, learning, coaching, and ongoing  mentoring that we offer.
  • INTEGRITY  Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose. The foundation of our reputation is that we ourselves are LIVING what we teach. We enjoy our own "Outrageously Happy Marriage" and because of that, we can joyfully export HEALTH. (If it doesn't work at home, don't export it!)
  • RESOURCES  We offer a wide variety of effective mentoring, coaching and training programs built on correct marriage paradigms that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE  You can choose how you prefer to proceed. Online courses, group phone calls, private help, and in-person 5-Day Intensive Weekends. We recommend a combination of everything for an experience of full immersion.
  • WE WILL BE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY  We show up when no one else does in ongoing mentoring and coaching through group and private phone calls, continuously creating new video training and more!
  • Everything in one place. You don't have to scour the internet, getting conflicting information from people who may or may not have a happy marriage. (Sad case in point: Dr. Doug Weiss and wife built a large counseling center on the presentation of having a happy marriage. Their divorce in 2022 revealed the truth. Their marriage had been bad for years but they were still conducting marriage counseling services.)   They are just one example (from many) of people who teach things that are not working in their own life. Don't take that risk. Let us be your one stop shop for everything marriage. That is what we do - we live what we teach - and we enjoy the fruits of what we teach, all day, every day, behind closed doors. God is love and love is pre-eminent in our home and marriage.

Our Best Selling Books

"The Man of Her Dreams
The Woman of His!"

Hit #6 on Amazon in general books and has sold over 20,000 copies. Volume 2: "Livin' it and Lovin' it!" has sold over 7000 copies; mainly through word of mouth and counselors/churches ordering and distributing them by the case.

You can see everything that we have to offer for purchase by CLICKING HERE

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Cameron and Jacqueline Merville

"Cameron and I struggled for many years and almost got a divorce. We were 5 years in marriage counseling and saw multiple counselors during that time. In May of 2021, we found ourselves separated. Thankfully, God intervened! The day of our separation we got connected with an amazing marriage ministry that turned everything around for us. That miracle was Joel Kathy Davisson. After just 1 month of connecting with them our marriage made a miraculous turnaround.

Now we have a happy, thriving marriage of 16 years! We both have the marriage of our dreams. We are thriving and happy. Which I know in the Christian circles sometimes to say you have a happy marriage is almost taboo. Especially after the whole “marriage is to make you holy not happy” movement. The truth is that you CAN have a happy marriage!

For example: A few months ago, right before bed, I was telling my husband how one of the kids spilled shredded cheddar all over the office floor and I was going to have to wake up and vacuum in the morning. I was too tired to do it. Next thing I know he got up and vacuumed my whole office for me! And then this morning I wake up to him bringing me breakfast in bed! These are the sort of things a girl could only dream about, but now it’s an everyday occurrence for me. He’s consistently looking for ways to love me and bless our family. Connect up with Joel and Kathy. No matter what your issues are, you too can have a great marriage!

We have now stayed involved for over 18 months. We look forward to meeting YOU! As Joel and Kathy say, you CAN have an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

Update: (February 5. 2023) Jacque and Cameron just gave birth to their” Joel and Kathy” miracle baby! A miracle baby for two reasons: First, because of having 2 heartbreaking miscarriages in the recent past and Second: Because they would have been divorced had God not intervened in their lives in May of 2021 to direct their steps to finding help from Joel and Kathy. Now it is YOUR TURN to get YOUR MIRACLE!"


Jeff and Heather Allen

"August 5, 2007 is a day I will never forget! It’s a day that will forever live in my memories as one of the darkest days of my life.

October 2007, a friend handed us a copy of “The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” by Joel Kathy Davisson. I remember reading it in one seating! I could not get enough of it! Finally, someone who understood, who validated me, who knew what I was going through and was speaking to my heart!

Easter Weekend (2008) after spending months talking on the group mentoring calls, being on the forums and a few private calls to Joel and Kathy as well. That weekend was a changing point in our lives! It was the first time I ever say my husband cry over the pain that I was in.

The Bible say’s “Live with understanding of your wife, so that your prayers will not be hindered”. Well, I can say that my husband took that to heart! Today he is living in understanding with me...and the blessings have been many and great! I am now in a place that I never knew even existed years ago!

In 2007, I was facing divorce, today I wake knowing how much I am loved by my husband and cannot even fathom being anywhere else on this earth, than beside him! I can say that the journey is never over...but just gets better each and every day!

Update: On July 18th of 2022... we celebrated 30 years of marriage, with 14 of those years living the “Joeland Kathy way!” Our oldest daughter has gotten married, and our youngest is now engaged! They have both read BOTH books as well!

Within these last 14 years, we have moved twice, first to KS, (which was a MAJOR turning point in our marriage... Joel and Kathy had recommended that we move.) I know without a doubt I would have never healed if we had stay where we were. We healed, worked together and helped with this ministry for over years.

On April 2, 2013, I lost my brother to suicide. At the same time my father went into full heart failure, andthen Jeff lost his job. All of this within a six-month period. So, we decided to move back to our hometown in SC. On the same day, April 2, 2014.... My father passed away.

Before our “Joel and Kathy Miracle” this would have probably put me in the mental hospital. But Jeff was so supportive and calm, he was able to help me through all the emotions and listening to my heart. We got through it. While it was painful to lose them both, I knew Jeff was right there beside me!"

Wouldn’t it be great if your ministry were full of awesomely happy marriages?

Wouldn’t it be great if God’s presence and love were so present in your couple’s homes that they would feel like they are experiencing the Glory of God in their homes, all day long, every day?

If you have had too many divorces in your ministry; if you have too many married couples “surviving” marriage instead of thriving in marriage joy and peace..  then you SHOULD be frustrated!

You are their PASTOR! You are their LEADER! This is happening on YOUR watch!

We have compassion for you. You have been reaching into an empty bag and offering “answers” that have not worked.  

If you are (rightly) frustrated, PLEASE consider this earth-shaking idea: You MIGHT have embraced the wrong conclusions about marriage, wrong approaches to marriage and wrong ways of teaching marriage.... Yes, that is a possibility!


My healing snuck up on me:  

 In our bad days, when Joel was in the affair, he wanted to buy the other woman some flowers. (I'll call her Jamie) 

Obviously, he couldn't just go out and buy her flowers; everyone would find out they were in an affair. 

He bought her flowers and gave them to me.  He told her that when she and her husband would come to our apartment, she would know the flowers were "hers."  

Sure enough, Jamie and I were in the kitchen making egg rolls after church for dinner.   As we came out of the kitchen, I saw the beautiful yellow roses and stopped to smell them.  "Wow, these are beautiful.  Joel got me flowers." I now know, in hindsight, she was thinking "those are my flowers, not yours."

 For those who do not know our story, Joel got into an affair in 1990/1991.  They left with the kids on April 1st, 1991. This was the exact day his father left his mom 19 years previous for another woman.  Generational curse?  Absolutely!  

Marriage Myths are sticking their heads back up!

A marriage myth is an idea presented as a marriage "truth" for the last 50 years but instead magnified the problems in Christian marriages.

After teaching how to have an outrageously happy marriage since 2004, there seems to be a resurgence of the failed marriage paradigms of the past.

"Wife only" submits.
Husband "loves" - wife "respects."
Husband is the "leader" (often presented as "servant leader") - wife is the "follower."

Plus, many more. 

Recently we attended a meeting where a couple was presenting a wonderful message from the Word of God. During that excellent message, they suddenly pivoted to marriage. Crash and burn!